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Brand Affects Business Performance

June 9, 2010 No comments yet

The explanation for business performance as a result of branding is straightforward and simple.  It shines on it’s own. So, you create the persona of your brand using design, style, tone, copy, communications or lack thereof. 

Search marketing to harvest demand

May 22, 2010 No comments yet

Best practices aren’t always best, even if they work for everyone else.  You have to know your market type and how your product/service fits into your user’s life.  This applies as much to search marketing as any other of marketing. Dropbox is a great company with a good service.  An online company that provides software […]

Start at the core – makes marketing sense

May 18, 2010 No comments yet

Finding the essence at the core of a marketing strategy or, for that matter, of a company, makes all the smaller decisions much simpler.  When you know where you’re going you can easily decide if certain steps take you closer or further away from that goal.  Does this media spend bring us into their consideration […]

Marketing lessons from a dancing guy

April 13, 2010 No comments yet

Shown at a TED event last month.  With this basic video explanation, Sivers clearly explains the basics of leadership, what it takes to create a movement, and how easily we can learn from a dancing man.  A leader (brand or person) needs the guts to stand alone and look ridiculous. But what he’s doing is […]

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