Virtual Marketing Director

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Andres Rainbow Cerro
Use GIZN as your Virtual Marketing Director (VMD) to kick-start your marketing or get it back on track and producing results. No long-term commitments necessary. We’ll hit the ground running and work with you and your team depending on the hours you need for your company’s VDM, starting with a minimum 8 hours per month. 

You get: someone who brings new ideas, steers you clear of mistakes, and maximizes the impact of the dollars you spend.   But without a desk, office, benefits or full-time salary.

We provide seamless marketing leadership, working in tandem with you or your management team to develop and implement marketing programs that help you elevate your market position and capture higher-value business.

Your Relationship with a Virtual Director of Marketing

We meet once a week for 2 hours as a starting point. At the end of each session you’ll leave with answers and, typically, some assignments.

Clients normally hire us because they have a list of issues they want to address.  In those cases we get started on those.  If not, we have a process we take you through that fast-tracks your marketing.  We look at your message and methods.  One step at a time.

Your Virtual Director of Marketing is available between the weekly meetings via email for questions and to maintain momentum. Phone calls can also be scheduled in advance between the meetings, as needed.

We’ll add a spark to your efforts, consistency to your marketing, save you thousands by avoiding mistakes AND keep you on track.

About GIZN

GIZN is a small consulting firm that produces big results. We’re based in Costa Rica and offer business and marketing services that generate impact.