Custom Marketing Services

If you do what you’ve always done, you will get what you’ve always got

Whether you need an individual or a full team of experts, we’ll dive into your challenge to gain the insight and generate results.

Some of the areas we usually get involved in while on retainer include:

  • Lead and Manage – we run a project, lead sprints, and all the normal things you’d expect, or
  • Repair and Relaunch – where a project, campaign, or overall plan is messed up and needs massive overhaul.
  • Monitoring and Maintaining – we provide a little help to good teams that just need assistance keeping things coordinated


If you have a specific problem or project in mind, we develop a custom project to fit the need – perhaps a campaign idea that needs tweaking and execution, figuring out an effective plan for your social media efforts, or a marketing push to generate immediate results.  We’ll jump-start the effort, document a plan of action, and make sure you’re amazed with the results.

Direct Response Marketing

Acquisition. Retention. Upsell. Loyalty.

We make sure your strategic communication leads to results.  One-to-one efforts that target the right message to the right people at the right moment to generate measurable impact.

Engagement Marketing

Influence. Involvement. Interaction.

We help you connect with consumers to activate your brand and drive behavior that ultimately results in making the sale.

If you don’t have all the groundwork you need to get started, we’ll work with you to pinpoint the challenge.  We start work on retainer and see where the project goes from there. Using a retainer structure, you’re able to address marketing needs that might normally remain ignored, get billed accurately and fairly for any work you require even if you don’t have clear parameters yet, and maybe most importantly, you get to try out services before engaging in a long-term contract.

“Custom marketing for our Costa Rica luxury real estate agency was instrumental to develop our internal marketing efforts and grow our targeted efforts with optimized investment. Thanks!”
C. Vega – LX Costa Rica

About GIZN

GIZN is a small consulting firm that produces big results. We’re based in Costa Rica and offer business and marketing services that generate impact.