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11 rules for MITs – Mogul in Training

2010/05/01 - admin

Posts with numbers and a short direct title tend to get better open rates.  Usually it’s a number between 3 and 9.  This one had 11 and for good reason.  The original post is for “Moguls in Training” and the 11 rules are a good guideline for what to focus on while developing your own company, start-up, business or personal pursuits…

  1. On Leadership: Give a damn
  2. On Product Development: Solve a huge problem at the point of greatest pain
  3. On Customer service: Give a public damn
  4. On Employee Management: See rule 1 & be ruthlessly honest
  5. On Marketing: See rules 1 & 2, then show, don’t tell
  6. On Advertising: The more you need it, the more your product sucks
  7. On PR: See rules 1 & 2, then light a match. If a fire doesn’t catch, do rule 2 better

For 8-11, check out the source of this great summary and rules at the Jonathan Fields blog.  And remember, Mcintosh is a type of apple, so is Gala…

8. On Operations: … 9.  On Sales: …  10. On Success: …  11. On Life:

Also, be sure to check out the comments on his post.  Some good insight there as well, including:

On Value: Would you buy it? If they didn’t pay you to like it?

On Clarity: Ask your mom if she “gets it.” If not, keep writing/ designing/ prototyping.

On the Experience: Walk it like you’ve never been there before. Then do it again three months later. Repeat…

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