About GIZN

You need to determine how you’re willing to fail, not how you want to succeed.

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GIZN is a small firm that produces big results.

We’re based in San José, Costa Rica, but our clients come from all over. They work in manufacturing, retail, services, and many exist only in virtual spaces. All our clients have one thing in common: a need to generate impact.  That’s our specialty: business development and marketing that delivers impact and measurable results.

Why We’re Different?


  • We specialize in transforming needs and ideas into results.
  • We think in broad terms– more ideas, simple tests.
  • We only accept projects where we can make a valuable difference.

We’re also big on implementation. Consistency and the capacity to assess and refine marketing efforts is tough. We understand this and it’s one of the things we bring to every client relationship.


The company is headed by Andrés Riggioni and relies on a collaborative approach with clients and other professionals. Sometimes our projects are a one or two person project where we work directly with our clients’ in-house team or sometimes with a focused group of contracted specialists such as project managers, web designers, and business specialists. Most often we work directly on a one-on-one basis with a business owner, CEO or a Marketing Director. We produce valuable results, so we work directly with those responsible for generating impact.

We’ve been working in development and consulting since 2000. Projects we’ve worked on in the past have included:

  • Turning ideas into actual businesses, building NGOs, creating service networks
  • Advising on the creation of websites, blogs, social media platforms
  • Helping small business owners develop capacity for service and marketing
  • Building, staffing, training, and managing teams for results
  • Generating ideas, launching campaigns, and measuring the results
  • Designing online and live marketing funnels
  • Creating engaging customer experiences and loyalty programs
  • And, so many other things…

Visit our services page to find out more or contact us directly to get started.

About GIZN

GIZN is a small consulting firm that produces big results. We’re based in Costa Rica and offer business and marketing services that generate impact.